Dr. Towahna D. Rhim

Founder and CEO of TD Rhim Consulting, LLC

Dr. Rhim, the Founder and CEO of TD Rhim Consulting, LLC, is a fervent advocate for authentic leadership (AL), drawing from her extensive experience in leadership roles since 1990. Renowned for her impactful keynote speeches at prestigious institutions and her dedication to community service, Dr. Rhim, also known as Dr. Tee, emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and reflection in leadership. Her approach is backed by evidence-based research highlighting the critical need for authentic leadership. Dr. Rhim‘s commitment to creating a supportive environment encourages emerging leaders to enhance their skills. With a deep-rooted belief in servant leadership, she is a sought-after mentor, coach, and speaker, driven by a profound passion for doing what is right because it’s right. Dr. Rhim earned her Bachelors in Communication and Leadership, Duquesne University; her MBAin healthcare, Lebanon Valley College; and her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, with a concentration in leadership and coaching, Walden University. Additionally, Dr. Rhim is active in her community, serving on a number of community boards. She is also a proud veteran of the US Army.

10.00 - 11.30 AM Morning Break-Out 3

Wednesday Morning 2024

Personal Resilience: An Interventional Strategy to Reduce Clinician Burnout

Clinician burnout is a common problem in modern medicine. Depersonalization, a sense of a loss of autonomy, and emotional exhaustion are all contributing factors. Medical burnout has a detrimental effect on a clinician's capacity to deliver exceptional patient care. Poor conduct, mental illness, despair, drug and alcohol addiction, suicidal thoughts, and death by suicide are all signs of clinician burnout. Given the detrimental effects of clinician burnout, it's important to know what preventative measures are readily available to counter this phenomenon. Through the administration of 10 researcher-developed interview questions, this study aimed to investigate personal resilience as an interventional technique to lessen clinician burnout through the lived experiences of clinicians who self-identified as burned out.

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