Aziza Kline

WellSpan Health

Aziza H. Kline was born and raised in the storied, walled, coastal city of Essaouira, Morocco, before relocating to Rabat to further her post-secondary school education with the goal of pursuing international career opportunities. Her language skills in Moroccan, Arabic, French and English served to open a number of doors for work in Morocco, Bahrain, Yemen and finally the United States.

SUBJECT: Panel - Learning through the bias we hold and receive.

After marriage and trading in her career to accompany her husband and start a family, Aziza departed Yemen for onward travel to Washington, D.C. before relocating to Berlin, Germany and subsequently returning to the United States. It was during these years that Aziza managed not only to improve her English fluency but was able to put her foreign language abilities to excellent use in starting a new line of work as an interpreter/translator for WellSpan Health Care in York, Pennsylvania. A more recent two-years stint in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, found her
continuing to perform WellSpan-related work remotely during the onset of COVID-19.

Now back in York, Aziza maintains a steady effort to support WellSpan’s foreign language program by making excellent use of her consummate people skills within multiple Middle Eastern and North African cultural contexts. Additionally, she is actively improving her career development through medical interpreter certification coursework.

Aziza’s passion for family, home and hearth notwithstanding, she is an adventurous traveler,
consummate cook and likes to challenge her creative side through fashion design and sewing.

12.45 - 2.15 PM Afternoon Keynote

Wednesday Afternoon 2022

Panel - Learning through the bias we hold and receive.

Panelists share candidly about moments they’ve applied their unconscious bias to others and have been on the receiving end. They explore personal action steps to evaluate and reject the negative associations within implicit attitudes and beliefs.